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Jamesport’s answer to a declining farm economy in the early 1980s was to “Step Back In Time…” which translates today into brisk business activity in antiques and crafts. Jamesport, MO, residents used a natural draw to refuel their community: the nearby Amish community, established in 1953, home to 1,800 residents and the largest such community in Missouri. It distinguished Jamesport from other towns. People always ask about the Amish, so Jamesport merchants decided to let this curiosity help stimulate business. The Jamesport Community Association was formed in 1985. That same year the group held its first festival featuring crafts and tours of historic homes. The number of festivals and the number of people attending has since grown. The number of antique stores has increased as has the size of the Amish stores open to the public. Jamesport residents are sensitive to the Amish’s lifestyle and the community association encourages tourists not to intrude on their privacy. But there’s no denying that the presence of the Amish, with their horse and buggies and their timeless dress, is a good marketing tool for the town.