Select Page uses Google Maps to help you sort the properties of interest like other websites promoting the sale of real estate. But unlike Zillow or others, ShoMeMore dominates in North Missouri and South Iowa because of land properties for sale. Today you can view over 500 listings of acreage (multiple-use properties) in addition to nearly 250 farm listings (for ag production) — and over 2,000 recreational listings (land marketed for hunting)! But — and this may surprise you — there are over 1,600 homes for sale on ShoMeMore. These residences are located both inside city limits and “rural homes” located outside city limits, usually on small acreages. ShoMeMore is your source for real estate for sale. Collectively, the listings are located in over 1,860 communities in 647 counties! Use the convenient sort filters to quickly focus on just the properties you want!