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If you’re into marbles, you’ve got to attend the Harvey Carr Marble Collection Auction on April 15 at Liberty, MO.¬†Harvey and Bonnie spent years amassing one of the largest and best collections of marbles that Steve Ritter Auctioneering has ever presented for auction. There will be many great German handmade marbles including Swirls, Sulfides, End of Day and Onionskin, Indian Swirls, Lutz and Banded Lutz, Solid and Divided Ribbon Core, Latticino Core, Translucent, Slags and Agates, Oxblood, Corkscrew, Gooseberry, Clambroth, Bennington, Popeye, Submarine, Hybrids, Machine Made Marbles by Peltier, Akro, and Christensen, Guinea, and Much More, as well as Art Glass Paperweights including St. Louis and Baccarat. Marble Enthusiasts will not want to miss this one! For a complete listing, CLICK HERE