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A huge coin collection goes to auction on April 7 at Liberty, MO. Hundreds of coin, including a nice complete 108-piece Wild Turkey Conservation Stamp Series Fine Silver, Bronze, and Pewter Medallion Set. There are 36 different years in this series, dated from 1976 thru 2010. Each year features 1-ounce fine silver, bronze, and pewter Medallions. The auction also offers over 150 Morgan Dollars including Several High Grade Keys including Very Rare DMPL 1921 and 1880-O Morgans, Unc 1883-S, Almost Unc 1884-S, Unc and PL 1887-S, Unc 1899-S, and many more.

This auction also features over 100 Proof and Uncirculated Silver American Eagles and Silver Eagle Sets, Hundreds of Type Coins including Rare Key Dates and High Grade Type Coins including a Beautiful Gem Uncirculated 1859 Indian Head Cent, Uncirculated 1830 Capped Bust Half Dollar, and Many More, as well as Several Nice Bulk Lots and Bags of Type Coins, Unusual Silver Coins, Many Bulk Silver Bags, Some Paper Currency including a 1934 $500 Bill, Several Gold Coins, Several Nice Books and Sets of Coins, Silver Proof Sets including the Rare 2012, Commemoratives, and much more!!!

If you are unable to attend the auction, Steve Ritter Auctioneering welcomes absentee bids. Hundreds of photographs of these coins at auction April 7 and more complete details can be seen by clicking HERE