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A large auction is presented by Steve Ritter Auctioneering on Sunday, April 29, at the Earnest Shepherd Youth Center in Liberty, MO. Among the outstanding list of modern items for auction, you’ll find an extensive list of old toys, old child’s items, vintage items — and old DOLLS! Here’s just a sampling: a fantastic Large Antique German Brunette Curly Top China Head Doll in Old Dress; a rare old German Painted Tin Head Doll with Blonde Curly Top; a sall Old German Brunette China Head Doll; a large 20-inch Effanbee “Patsy Ann” Composition Doll (nice); a vintage 1950’s Hard Plastic Dancer Doll in Green Tutu Dress; and more …including Madame Alexander dolls and 1964 Barbie and Midge travel case!  For a complete listing and photos, CLICK HERE