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A large collection of sports cards is among items to be auctioned June 16 at Lexington, MO, when Adkins Auction Service presents the estate of Lola Smith for sale at the Adkins Auction Center in Lexington. Primitives, antiques and collector items include oil lamps, vintage linens & tablecloths, old coffee tins, vintage Christmas decorations, hand quilted quilts, wooden bobbins, granite ware, old cannisters, feed sacks, old gym wire baskets/shelves, printers drawer, old fans, drying rack, metal/wire vegtable stand, kitchen utensils vintage, red plastic cannisters, wooden ironing board, vrious vintage kitchen items, granite coffee pots, rug beaters, silverware in cases, old tools, old wooden boxes, lamps, metal corn planter disc, chicken feeder, wire drainer, tin bread box, older books & postcards, and old children’s books. For a complete listing with photos, CLICK HERE