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Do you collect unusual cans? Do you have a 1984 Jackson’s Pepsi can? What about Billy Carter beer cans or cans of Gilley’s Beer? Collectibles like this plus much more go to auction on Saturday, May 18, at Lexington, MO, at the Adkins Auction Center. Estate items include toys like Gesha Dolls of the 1950s and 1960s, Star Wars figurines, WWE figurines and dinosaur stamps in a frame. Vintage items include a wind-up Snoopy and Woodstock watch, vintage lighter case with sterling, vintage leather purses and even a Polaroid 250 Automatic Land Camera. This auction also offers jewelry (silver & gold), antiques ranging from 5-inch steel wheels to old piano rolls, glassware and pottery and more. To view photos and a complete auction listing, CLICK HERE