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Anyone know about an historical hotel located in King City, MO? About 60 or more years ago a man stayed in Room 4 in the Old King City Hotel and always remembered it. Today this man is a history buff interested in taking on just “one more mission before I croak.” This man (80 years old) lives in Redding, CA, and he has restored several Victorians throughout the upper Midwest, from Missouri to California. But he holds a special interest in the Old King City Hotel. “I was there when Sammy K. Howell dove off the dock into Penny Lake and broke his neck. The Limleys and Crouchs and many others were friends — Elden Murphy as well as Randall and Janell Koontz and many others. Donny Carpenter I think still is alive there.” If you know something about the Old King City Hotel to share, email us now: